Monday, February 25, 2019

Oscar's Outlandish Outfits

Richie and I have not seen any of the movies presented; heard any of the songs or have heard of more than such as Glenn Close, Lady Gaga or Bradley Cooper (of whom I know only that he's considered quite handsome by such as People magazine.)  Name familiarity extends to Spike Lee, but none of his films either.

Speaking of the Spikester, I thought he was wearing a French train conductors' outfit, complete to pill box hat.   Train conductors all over France may be looking for their work clothes...

Melissa McCarthy's gown with a 40 ft. train, littered with what looked like casually tossed stuffed animals across it's breadth, and the handheld bunny puppet that tried to steal the show were amusing for a second, but no more than that.  It was the kind of sight gag that doesn't have any shelf life at all.
Several presenters treated us to long, long trains.  If this is a fashion trend, God help the ladies.  But wait!  Men have entered this doomed train effort.  How did you like Billy Porter in a wasp-waisted tuxedo with a skirted train?!  Was that something?  First glimpse I didn't know whether it was a man of a woman.  In a later interview, he said that he thought The Oscars deserved "a minute."

Jason Momoa's pink tuxedo looked as if he'd bought it off the rack  in the Boys Department with no time for alterations.

Kacey Musgroves at first sight - "What's that pile of pink cotton candy doing dumped in the aisle?"

All in all it was a beautiful display of full tilt boogie bad taste.  And hard work - Fasten an old sheet around your waist for a train and kick your way around the house for awhile.  You could add weights to the train to emulate Glenn Close, whose beaded dress was said to weigh 42 lbs.  

Something different for the mailman if you take your coutume out for a spin.  Just explain that you'll be doing the Oscars next year.

ADD:  The Vanity Fair Oscar Party dinner started with Black Truffle Lasagna and ended with carts of Inn 'n Out Burgers wending their way through the venue.   Lunch at Inn 'n Out and feel like a star? is the Vanity Fair Website where they have photos of the stars and which designer they're wearing.  Go, Label Hounds!

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