Friday, February 22, 2019

My Goodness! Things Are Tougher Than I Thought in California!

I read in today's Sacramento Bee that a new bill is pending on the floor of the California Senate.  Known rather informally as "You kill, you grill" this new statute would allow drivers who accidentally hit and kill a deer on our vast wandering highways and byways can keep the carcass and dine on it.  So, too,  may people walking along the road who come across a dead, edible animal.  Elk was mentioned but I can't remember any reports of vehicle vs. elk.  Be that as it may.

One Sen. Bob J. Archileta, Dem.-Montebello is the proud sponsor of Senate Bill 395.  He said in an interview that an estimated 20,000 deer alone are slain annually.  That's a lot of potential deerskin jackets or moccasins.  Post banquet, that is.

If we're driving down to Palm Springs, say, and we see groups of raggedy ass people combing through the roadside brush, we will know what they're doing -  if SB395 passes.

Only in California, right?

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