Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Entire US Weather Map Today is Orange

Wherever we are, we are not alone in our suffering.  We have to suck it up and  put on some spin!  If this is Summer, can Fall be far behind?  Fall with it's beautiful crisp air, the trees changing their leafy petticoats, that hint that something nice is going to happen ... such as Fall foods!

Leafing through (couldn't resist) the menu at Oheka Castle, Huntington, NY, because we plan to go to Long Island this September, I came across rather perfect Fall foods ...

This sandwich is apparently sold all-year round or else they never change their menu on their Website.  And when you think about it, why not?  We are limiting ourselves with a once-a-year dinner.  Do we only eat hot dogs 4th of July, Memorial and Labor Days?  Tsk.  I think not.

Oven-baked turkey (substitute with deli turkey,) bacon and baby greens (both questionable in my mind) cranberry compote, stuffing, apple-cinnamon vinaigrette on cranberry-walnut bread. 

Having happened on it at the Ragin' Cajun and liking it very much, I became a fan of Corn and Crab Chowder.  So much so that I searched for half an hour trying to find the chowder or soupy part of this dish to make my own.  Making it is problematic as the recipes I ran across all called for such as "two cups heavy cream" or as that's known colloquially as "Death By Big Spoon."

There is one new ingredient that surprised me though -

CORN AND CRAB CHOWDER a la Oheka Castle Bar and Restaurant
Grilled corn, lump crabmeat, Yukon Gold potatoes, chipotle and a chive oil drizzle. 

Chunks of chipotle?  Chipotle juice?  Powdered chipotle?  It wasn't specified.  I'll just have to order it when we're there.  Ah, the sacrifices... (snort)

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