Sunday, July 16, 2017

Burratta - First Cousin to Caprice

We are hoping to go to Long Island sometime in September to see Richie's side of the family.  Naturally I wondered if there were any new restaurants since our last visit.

One I noted is called "Swallow" and the name alone was ... distasteful.  I leave it to your own imaginations to supply the reason. 

One of the dishes on their menu is described as "Burratta" with Granny Smith apples, walnuts, sopressata and a bourbon cider "gastrique." Having no idea what either was, I hied myself to our friend Google. 

Burratta, in addition to being cheese curds cooked in water and covered in mozzarella so that there is a shell-type exterior and a creamy interior, is also the name of a dish which has a combination of cooked vegetables  and Burratta.

We had dinner at Charlie's the other night and the special was "Burratta" and our server said it was a combination of cherry tomatoes, basil strips and Burratta.  Richie ordered it.  To my jaundiced eyes it looked like a really tired Caprice which is fresh tomato slices, with a round of mozzarella on top of the tomatoes, garnished with a fresh basil leaf and drizzled with olive oil.  Come to find out, all of the ingredients in Richie's order had been sauteed in olive oil, no doubt accounting for it's fatigued look. 

Still, they are cousins since they both have the same DNA.  They were just raised differently.

But what's a "gastrique"?  It's a reduction  of a fruit for the juice and vinegar.  So I supposed Swallow's gastrique would be considered a reduction of an apple and the bourbon substitutes for the vinegar.  We'll never know.  I'm not about to eat in a place named "Swallow." 

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