Monday, July 10, 2017

BAAaaaa! Up Yours Disneyland

Great friends moved to New Zealand and most recently sent a picture of their daughter "helping" to shear a sheep, one of the attractions at SheepWorld, Warkworth, NZ, with this comment - "The US has Disneyland, NZ has SheepWorld."

And I must say that after visiting I think that NZ has the edge. Disneyland pushes fantasy, SheepWorld is right there with reality. 

Their petting zoo where kids can feed the animals includes:  calves, pigs, lambs, goats, ponies, donkeys, deer, alpacas, emus, possums (!) mini-horses, and Indian Ringnecked parakeets. 

Their gift shop offers such as Ugg-style boots and slippers, warm wool clothing, scarves and more.  Window shop at their gift shop. 

This is the part that would totally intrigue me - it's a performance where the sheep dogs round up the sheep, and presumably barn them where they are sorted out as to who needs a haircut and those that do are shorn then and there.  I have only too rarely seen dogs herding sheep by following their owners hand motions and it was fascinating.  I think it was the movie "Babe" in fact. 

Interestingly enough their Web site knew I was in America because the prices were in dollars. 
14 years and up - $34.50    4-13 - $12.00   Family package of two adults and two children $69.00

All but one item on their agenda sounds like tremendous fun, but the rest of you can go see "Eel Feeding." 

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