Thursday, July 27, 2017

Despite Finishing Last, Lady Bug Won for Redondo Beach and Herself

This is a heartwarming tale and it goes like this - a dachshund developed paralysis of her hind legs and the shelter feared she would not be adopted.  Then Dachshund Rescue of Los Angeles heard of her plight and swooped in.  Deanna O'Neil, the vet who treated her saw something in the little dog and persuaded the hospital to treat the dog gratis.  Lady Bug lives in Redondo Beach.

After surgery and two months of extensive therapy (underwater treadmill included) the dog was well enough to consider entering her in the Weinerschnitzel dachshund races.  Reports say that she started strongly, but faded, coming in dead last in a time of one minute.  The winning time was 7 seconds. 

It is a lovely story and Lady Bug's grit is inspiring.  But her story is useful for other dachshunds because the article warned dachshund owners not to let their dog jump off of a sofa or a curb; not to rough house with them or let them play with bigger dogs or pick them the wrong way (the right way was not specified)  because doing any of the above can cause a slipped disc and ensuing paralysis.  The average cost to treat these dosg is around $10,000.   

If you want to read all about it - Daily Breeze "Long Shot Ends Race A Wiener"

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