Monday, July 31, 2017

Surely This is Faux News... today ran this story and I'm calling bullshit on it.  My description follows, not a reprint of the article. 

The French government set up a rehabilitation center to de-radicalize terrorists.  It was believed that many terrorists would rather not blow themselves into a mist of blood and bone shards and that these poor creatures would be open to rehabilitation.   I will pause for you to quit laughing and have a throat-soothing splash of water.  This center was the first of 11 more to cost $47 million.

The first class numbered nine people.  All of them decamped.  The facility closed in February, but the article didn't say when it had opened which is fairly sloppy journalism. 

Having failed at interesting free range terrorists, so to speak, the French government is now considering a program to "treat" the terrorists who are currently incarcerated. 

Since almost anything outside of the cell is interesting to the average prisoner, great success in this program is expected. 

This absolutely HAS to be "false news" - or since we are dealing with the frogs, "faux nouvelles." 
No one could possibly be so stupidly misguided as to propose a program to turn terrorists into good citizens and nice people.   

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