Friday, July 21, 2017

Summer Flies By ...

Closing down the laptop this morning, popped up and I couldn't have had a happier surprise. was long my go-to about aviation information.  I loved to focus on flight attendant reports about passengers, pilots, airports and much more. 

Famous destinations and what to see that's off the usual tourist rut, but interesting never-the-less - the special finds of people who routinely spend a two or three day's leave several times a month  in the destination site before saddling up and working the return flight.  This is true for international flights with a shorter layover for intercontinental like LA to NY.  Turn-arounds are LAX-DFW-LAX for example and barring weather or some other delay, the FAs sleep in their own beds that night.  .

I came to a section on unusual dining spots and read with some interest about a place called Eats in Brooklyn that is a totally silent dining experience.  Upon being seated, you are allowed to tell your server about any special requirements ("Please cut my steak in the kitchen") or food allergies because restaurants hate it when some diner puffs up, turns blue and slides off of their chair and lies gasping on the restaurant carpet like a goldfish whose bowl broke and then all of the drama when the paramedics come storming in.    And the pushing and shoving from other diners and wait staff to take a picture...and those who see it as a God-given opportunity to walk the tab.

The owner of Eats once spent time (I'd say, "did time") in a monastery and the total silence all through the meal appealed to him. 

There are other themes in the sensory field ... Deaf dining (San Francisco) means you communicate with your server by such as pointing to a picture of a dish and/or using a little tablet or slate to write what you want such as "well done" or "hold the mayo."  

If you fly a lot or once a year, if you're lucky, is a fascinating site for either type of flyer.

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