Thursday, July 13, 2017

Odds and Ends

Not To Throw Shade on SheepWorld ...
Westways, the AAA magazine, is touting what they call "Critter Country."  It's affiliated with Moorpark College, Ventura County.  I never dreamed you could take this when I was in college.  And you probably couldn't.  We knew how to take care of our rides (dinosaurs.)   Among other courses, Exotic Animal Training and Management Program prepares students for work in zoos, Las Vegas shows with animals, water-animal attractions and such of that ilk.

Their zoo is home to 150 animals and students are expected to learn all there is to know about each of them.  The classroom (the zoo) is open to the public on weekends only, but the students will be at work preparing the foods peculiar to each animal, cleaning cages, and working with the animals as usual.  The literature at advises students that they will have to buy appropriate boots, be prepared to work all kinds of shifts and - deal breaker for me - euthanize small animals that are fed to the big ones. 

The article says that during the behind-the-scenes tours, you may be treated to an emu "drumming" (world's largest bird goes all stompy foot?) feed a beaver - beware of those teeth! would be my advice.  They cut through wood! You might want to pay your respects to Clarence, the 95 year old tortoise.  Have never seen a tortoise do tricks, but who knows? 

This tour ends in the animal kitchen where you can watch students prepare dinner for their 110 different exotic species.  

No credit cards.  Cash or a check.  Admission is from $6 to $8 with the behind-the-scenes tour costing an additional $7.
Have you given any thought as to something witty you could have put on your tombstone other than the name and dates?  Presented for your deliberation ...

Don't Laugh, You're Next

I'd Rather Be Reading This

I Knew This Would Happen

We Finally Found a Place To Park in Georgetown

"Onward!" in up-slanting script will decorate mine and Richie's. 

Letter to the Editor
Daily Breeze, 7/13/17 
It's getting harder to be a smoker in California
RE:  "Lawmakers look to ban beach smoking"

Dear Sirs:
In 2015 there were 36.5 million smokers in a total population of 321.4 million people.  That is only 11.3 per cent of the U.S. population.

California smokers (the few who are still here) just got a slap across the chops with a new tobacco tax of $2.87 per pack.

Despite supporting our economy in Southern California, we are now forbidden on the beaches, the breeziest and best-ventilated places in the state?
Nina Murphy, Redondo Beach


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