Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Traffic Light Safety for Kids and Dogs

The other day, we were stopped at the traffic light of a busy intersection.  Nothing new there.  But as we waited for several women pushing baby carriages and a couple of guys with dogs on leashes to pass,  I noticed something.

All of the baby buggies were being pushed in front of their mothers and all of the dogs were 5 to 8 ft. in front of their owners.  Dogs and kids would be hit first.

One car running a red light is all it takes ...why don't mothers pull some kind of cart with the kid in it?  Why don't dog owners teach their dogs "Heel!"? and mean it?

Psychology reasoned that mothers want to see their babies, so they push the carriage.  Dog owners just aren't thinking.

Your dog and your kid will get hit first.  Presumably they are the things you love the most.  Why put them at risk every single time you cross the street? 

Why don't mothers stop, stoop,  pick up and carry the kid across the street?  Push the empty carriage in front or tow it along behind.  But keep your baby close.  The stores are full of new and used prams, but they don't sell babies. 

Dog owners with unruly dogs, work with the dog so that every time you approach the crosswalk, your dog automatically goes to your left side and stays there while you both cross the street? 

Another thing ... People my age (born right after the last dinosaur died) were taught (with force in some places) to look both ways before you started to cross a street.  Today, every day that we are out and about, I see men and women blithely stepping off of a curb without looking left, right or to see whether it's their light.  They just assume.  The only way too be safe around these idiots is to very carefully look around yourself to make sure none have just launched themselves out into the street without a care in their head or so much as a glance left and right. 

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