Friday, March 11, 2016

A Very Good Deal

The Hotel Ibis, Le Chesnay, is a four minute walk to Michelle's house and that's where we wanted to stay.  It's 10 minutes to the H bus which takes one to the Rive Droit commuter train station and on into the Gare du Nord.  We'd do that if we were going into Paris, but we're not. 

Non merci a Paris ces fois.  No thank you to Paris this time. 

Michelle e'd this morning to say that she'd negotiated a good price at the Ibis (not to be confused with ISIS) and it was:

955 Euros for 8 nights with breakfast.  That is 119.37 Euro per night or $106 American per night.  The exchange rate today is $1 = .89 Euros. 

France is not expensive as it used to be - start saving your pennies.  We did. 

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