Sunday, March 20, 2016

Easy Huevos Rancheros

Richie was in the mood for a Mexican breakfast - last night!  Plan Ahead is his motto and mentally I did a run-through on what's on hand to make his dream come true.

With no further ado --
take a tortilla, dot it with cheese (Velveeta spreads well) and plop in the microwave.  Leave it.

Open a jar or can of Enchilada Sauce and pour about 1/2 in. deep in a skillet and heat until bubbling.  You can also add chopped green onions and/or pickled jalapeno slices as well.

Break an egg or two into the sauce, cover with a lid and poach the raw eggs in the sauce.

Just before the eggs are ready, nuke the tortilla for 30 seconds, plate it and cover with the sauce and eggs.

Set out the salsa and guacamole (Sam's Int'l Market) and have at'em. 

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