Thursday, March 24, 2016

This'n That

Ah, the Wonderful Dignity of Today's Presidential Candidates
The Donald and The Cruz for starters.  Cruz ran a photo of Trump's wife in the altogether; Trump countered with headshots of his wife and Ted's and guess who didn't look pretty?

I have to wonder what Bess Truman, Mamie Eisenhower and Eleanor  Roosevelt might be saying if they can see this ...spectacle. Any one of them in a bathing suit let alone in a birthday suit would drop honest citizens in their tracks. 

Meanwhile, President Obama is photographed dancing the tango with a very fit professional dancer in Argentina, having just visited Havana with his wife, her mother and the couple's daughters' for Spring Break. 

One Jar, Two Recipes
You will need a jar of any brand Alfredo Sauce.

Version #1
Saute a strip of bacon, drain and crunch or a bunch of diced pancetta along with some chopped onion.  Drain off the grease, throw in the Alfredo and let simmer.
Toss a handful of frozen peas with the cooking pasta, drain and add sauce.  Toss well and serve.

Version #2
Chop up some roasted garlic cloves, chop up some Balsamic-marinated mushrooms, add Alfredo and microwave.  Serve over the cooked pasta of your choice.

These are not particularly "gourmet" but they are quick and Version #2 is sort of different.

Headline Doubles
This morning's Daily Breeze has a good laugh in it - a JetBlue flight attendant panicked at a check point, ripped off her heels and fled, leaving behind something like 68 lbs. of cocaine.  This story is at the top of the page.

At the bottom is another (!) JetBlue headline - the airline is opening service to Reno-Tahoe for $59 per ticket. 

"Fly High!  Fly JetBlue!  Low fares limited time only."


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