Saturday, March 12, 2016

Bo Derek?! Jakov Smirnoff?!

(Love interbangs and rarely get to use them.)

The above were on Nancy Reagan's guest list for her funeral and they were there along with both Lyndon and Lady Bird's daughters and Caroline Kennedy.

Mr. T accepted his invitation and showed up via a side door wearing full camouflage, combat boots and an American flag wrapped around his head.  Whether this was a visual reminder to "Just Say No" to drugs or because he is crazier than betting a NASCAR race is unknown to this writer.

So detailed were many of the accounts that I read  that you will be  interested (or not) to learn that Mrs. Reagan's coffin was made by the Marsellus Casket Co., of Syracus, NY.  They previously boxed up her husband, Ronnie. 

Reading further, I ran across a long list of notables that Marsellus (founded in 1872) provided with burial boxes.  The do have a certain reputation for dealing with presidents and wives, i.e.:
Harry and Bess Truman
John F. and Jacqueline Kennedy
Now both Reagans

Other notables - Arthur Ashe, Vince Lombardi, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle and Leonard Bernstein. 

Whether any of the above ever had buyer's remorse will never be known. 

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