Monday, March 28, 2016

From Irritant to (tah dah!) Saving the Day

Richie collects little miniature cars, trucks, and so forth including ambulances, police cars, various fire trucks and semis that detach from one another.

They are all over the desk top in the living room.  I would like to see them all "collected" in a large box (to accommodate all of them) and said box stored somewhere such as in the garage or under the house.  It's not like he plays with them.

But:  they have turned out to be a life saver when it comes to entertaining little kids!  Ella, 5, and Jack, 3, go nuts for them!  They set up roads for these vehicles and more than that, they parked them correctly - police and paramedics and fire engines are all together.  I thought that was very smart indeed, not surprising as they are smart and beautifully mannered as well.  "Nina, may we play with ____________?"

I am, today, actually rather grateful to have them.  It makes the kids happy to come see us! 

Yes, of course, they have toys at home!  Don't start up some kind of "Toys for Tots."

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