Wednesday, September 9, 2015


What was the very first human cloning job?  Eve from Adam's rib!

Mention is often made in the media that Jeb Bush is fluent in Spanish.  Good for him; knowledge of more than one's birth language can't be a bad thing.  But nothing is ever said about his wife's  fluency in English.  A curious thing, no?

According to the Daily Breeze front page, pinatas made in Donald Trump's likeness are "selling like hotcakes" to quote one vender.  Great anti-Trump sentiments are said to be a result of his remarks about illegal immigrants.   Buried in the story however are these two direct quotes:

"In Los Angeles, where one in 10 residents are undocumented immigrants..."

"Many in Los Angeles County, home to more than a million undocumented immigrants..." 

Certain residents of San Pedro are objecting to a planned address from the USS Iowa by Trump.  Some say it degrades the Iowa to allow him access.  Iowa staff says he rented the private space fair and square and the program is ongoing.

Meanwhile, the Donald leans back in chair, puffs on a cigar and relishes the free publicity.

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