Sunday, September 20, 2015

I Like the Way He Thinks

"Food - A Love Story" by Jim Gaffigan   Crown Archtype   340 pages   $26

Gaffigan, in case you didn't know just like I didn't, earns a living as a stand-up comic.  (We will explore the sad dearth of lay-down comics in another column) to support his wife and five (5) children.

He also likes to eat.  In fact, he describes himself as an "eatie" not a "foodie,"  foodies being those who fly great distances to eat at the newest rave chef's place.  I am thinking of the one in Norway? that hand-gathers moss to serve with his reindeer meat concoctions.   

It is a perfect bathroom book with short chapters that rove hither and thither - The geography of American food - Seabugland (East Coast and lobsters; oysters which he describes as a  rock with snot on it).  Eating Mexicoland and so forth.

He is not a fan of vegetables and on kale says:  bitter spinach with hair.

Sushi?  A Japanese chef didn't pay his electric bill.

We would have disagreed on barbecue which he describes as the best - or worst -food you've ever eaten.  As a fan, all barbecue was good to me until I ran into really bad barbecue (Dickey's, Redondo Beach.  Their place in San Antonio wasn't bad.)

He describes prosciutto as for people who like to floss while eating meat. 

 Food trucks motto?  Poison and Run!

For fun in a restaurant, he suggests calling your female "Food Bitch" - I gotta try it (but only in places where we know the servers.)  The soft approach, "Hey, you ever been called a "food bitch"?

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