Sunday, September 27, 2015

Caption Contest! Prizes!

Photo #1


1st - A stay at the Doolittle Home for the Gently Deranged.  Unfortunately graffitti creeps have crossed out the original title and written in instead "for the batshit crazy."  Do not let this dissuade you from entering.  Winner will pay all transportation costs to this fine Bangor, ME, facility located in an abandoned granite quarry.  Length of stay to be determined by Staff.  Incidentally, the facility is not now and never has been associated with any AMA credentials.

2nd - For those inadvertantly thrust back into "bad habits" by the viewing of these photos, a three day stay at the Betty Ford Clinic, Palm Springs.  Winner to bring his/her own toilet scrub brush.

3rd - A generous supply (30 days) of Mind Bleach @ from Clorox.  Please apply ONLY as directed.

To submit your caption, please address it to:  with your photo number in the subject line. 

Samples in the bin for Photo #2 - My sister Jane:  "Are you growing a tail?"

Me:  "No I am not going to the pool and that's not my billfold, lipstick, cigarettes and cell phone in the back."   


"Tendentious anyone?"  Jay

:What the hip people are wearing in Southern California.   Jay

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