Thursday, September 3, 2015

6 Weeks Post-Op

Gleaned from yesterday's appointment with the orthopedic surgeon -

He was delighted with the ex-rays of the new hip.  It seemed to me that having what looked like 6" to 8" of the base of it jammed into the bone below it would pretty much ensure that it's not going anywhere. 

Range of motion:  He was particularly pleased with the results of "Bring your knee to your chest."  So much so that I didn't have the heart to tell him that it's probably the result of spending a great deal of time lying in the fetal position on my half of the bed with the covers over my head, murmuring "Why me?  Why me?" followed by a saintly litany of good deeds performed for others.

"You  have a full range of motion for the hip,"  he said.  I heard, "The hip is fine" and resolved then and there that if this is so (and I see no reason not to believe it) then I no longer have to futz around with a walker and/or cane and just go back to walking normally.

We'll see how it works out but it's looking good for the dismissal of the cane so far. 

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