Monday, September 28, 2015

Quel Blague! Non, Quel Con! Sale Americains!*

"They Eat Horses, Don't They? the Truth About the French" by Piu Marie Eatwell   Thomas Dunne Books   342 pages   $26.99

Arguably the French have a very poor PR firm.  "Cheese-eating surrender monkeys" was one I hadn't heard but I am all too familiar with:  they're all adulterers; they smell 'cause they never shower;  ALL French woman are thin and (as if that wasn't bad enough) they are all perfectly dressed and groomed (which doesn't exactly go along with the "never shower" bit, does it?)

With no further ado --

Today's classic, the very popular French sailor t-shirts, in 1858 were made an official uniform piece in the French Navy.  The stripes (21 to celebrate each of Napoleon's victories) were easier to see on a man overboard.

The Bidet is no longer a standard piece of equipment in a French bathroom.  The Italians use them with gusto though.

All of the French smoke and Paris is always covered by a cloud of smoke.  Not so.

World smokers:
Greeks 39%
French - 26%
British - 22%
U.S. - 16%

The Vatican drinks more wine than the French per capita, per year.

*  translation:  What nonsense, no?  What bullshit - dirty Americans!

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