Friday, September 4, 2015

The Kentucky Showboat

A traditional entertainment in the South was attending a show boat which was a portable theatre that traveled the local waterways.  In a resumption of that old tradition, Kentucky is presenting  a drama with a County Clerk named Kim Davis.

It is a classic storyline --  intrepid heroine is beset by the law - O what to do, what to do?  Who will save her from the wicked government that asks her to betray her Jesus/God?

It now appears that our intrepid heroine has some shadows of her own.  According to sources, I have learned the following:

She has been married four times.  Five months after her first divorce, she gave birth to twins which were fathered by her third husband, but adopted by her second husband.  (And you thought TV soaps were complicated?)

Davis now claims that the death of her (current) mother-in-law propelled her into Christianity some four years ago.

   Nepotism - Davis the recipient of her mother's largesse as County Clerk "for decades" says the LA Times.  Of her six reporting clerks, five said they had no problem issuing marriages licenses to same-sex couples.  The lone holdout?  Davis' son Nathan. 

Kim Davis - to put it in country terms - is crazier than a shithouse mouse, if you ask me.  Her attempt to become a martyr is laughable in the extreme - she's just a latter-day Kentucky showboat.

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