Monday, September 7, 2015

This IS For the Birds

A New York woman has left $100,000   in her Last Will and Testament for the care of her 32 cockatiels.    Each bird is named in this document. 

My first reaction was to look at our cockatiel, Lady Bird, and think, "In your dreams" but my second thought was, "We've provided for any cats we may own at the time we die, so why not the bird, too?"

We'll have to alter the arrangement a bit for a bird because the cats will have fared better:  $1,000 per cat to our vet of 32 years to find them good homes or barring that, keep them in in the vet hospital as blood donors.  If someone does want them, the deal includes two years of prepaid pet insurance to sweeten the deal. 

We may have had an audition for the largesse yesterday - a bird - what looked like a sparrow flew in through the open balcony door and promptly sought refuge in the skylight. 

I was first tipped to its presence when Fred the cat went nuts - racing across the living room floor, yowling his head off.  Richie got the poor thing to sit on the bristle end of a broom and escorted it back onto the balcony where it perched on the railing for a moment to collect itself and flew away.

Fred walked back underneath the skylight and looked longingly up.  I could see his thought process - perhaps another flew in while he was chasing the first?  Not a chance, Fred.

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