Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Voting Results

"Too close to call" headlined the Daily Breeze.  Eight of the 13 precincts having reported, the figures were 50.3 per cent for and 49.7 per cent against. 

You recall, I was against because we don't need another "waterfront hotel" - we have five already and I would suggest a serious study of their occupancy rates.  The only time I ever see a tour bus at the Crown Plaza is during seasonal events such as the Rose Bowl Parade.

There was mention of turning most of it into a park.  Redondo Beach already has 27 different parks, varying in size from 10 acres on down to tiny "parkettes."  All well-maintained I might add.

What we don't have is any parking.    A better idea - instead of 600 condos and hotels adding to the problem - is to  turn at least half of that space into a parking lot.  It could go right by the desalination plant and provide parking for those workers and all the rest of us who say, "Nah, I don't want to go out - there's no parking."

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