Saturday, March 7, 2015

Henny Penny - Look up! Look up!

Today's Daily Breeze advises us in a banner headline that registered sex offenders will be marching on Carson City Hall in protest of the stringent law that keeps them well away from such as fast-food restaurants (use the drive-through window) and parks(you've been talking about making your backyard up-to-date) and libraries (buy a Kindl and go on line) and other denied admission sites. thus violating the rights of more than 100,000 offenders and their families.

I was surprised to hear that pedophiles had families or that said families have any interest at all in them.  We had a child molester in my family - my father's sister's husband.  His name was UncleGrantthe ChildMolester said in one breath.  He was not popular and if my father had ever learned of his proclivities, he would have shot him.  Which is pretty much why no one told him. 

There are 100,000 registered in California and 8,000 of them are on parole. 


The family of Bobby Kristina Brown, who is on life support and not expected to survive is filming a reality show starring her and this event - found face down in her bathtub like her mother Whitney Houston three years earlier in her hotel room. 

Now no one looks their best with tubes running into and out of their bodies and the squeals and beeps of the equipment would distract from the actor's words.  It would beyond cruel to subject any woman to this kind of voyeurism, where she can't defend herself but on their freakin' death bed?  Are they going to run side bets on when she's declared as an extra earning attraction? 

East Jerusalem  A Palestinian male drove his car into a group of four soldiers and a pedestrian at a border crossing and then grabbed a knife and lunged at security guards who shot and wounded him.  His Mom was quoted as saying his violence was "natural" due to the tensions with Israel.  These people are animals and medieval ones at that. 

It seems all of the above may have begun with Trayvon.  Before his body was cold, his mother called up the US Patent Office and got the copyright on his name.

STOP THE PRESSES - This was a spoof and the hotelicopter doesn't exist except in the mind of the Photo Shop guy  So was the map of destinations for it. 

In a much lighter note the world's first "hotelicopter" was launched from Dubai airport.  It is a huge helicopter laid out like a hotel.  I counted four vertical rows of windows meaning four floors?  A friend commented that a lack of room balconies was an oversight.   

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