Monday, March 23, 2015

Corned Beef Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, March 24th, is our annual tax trip to Beverly Hills wherein dwells our tax accountant and, more importantly, Factor's Famous Deli!

Over the years it has become habit to make an appointment around lunch time and to waddle over after giving him our various papers and receipts.  Richie likes hot pastrami; I would (almost) wash windows for the corned beef.  But first an order of onion rings to start.  Factor's are crispy/gritty not beer batter puffy and all the better for it.  Sandwiches come with a variety of sides, but we stick to cole slaw.

We've followed this routine for at least 20 years and probably longer.  It is good to have routine in your life and to schedule your corned beef lunches! 

Don't let me forget to get an order of chopped chicken livers to go - along with the other half of our sandwiches and leftover sides. 

Later that afternoon ...

When Richie ordered a pastrami sandwich, the waitress asked him, "Hand cut or machine cut?" a question we'd never been asked before.  I asked for the difference and she said, "Hand cut is thicker; the machine slices thinner" so, of course, you know what he asked for - "Hand cut, please"...

And the chopped liver is in the refrigerator, awaiting it's cruel fate.

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