Sunday, March 1, 2015

Fashion Upended

The Daily Mail ran an article yesterday on "Hoodies That Help You Get High"

I like my own hoodies just to stay warm;  "hoodies" being nothing more than a sweat suit with a built-in, part of the shirt, hood.  Young men of a certain life-style persuasion are favorite customers. 

But back to business here.  Two firms are now manufacturing hoodies with the drawstring ends turned into smoke accessories.

VapRwear's drawstrings are actually thin rubber pipe with access to the drug of choice on one end and an inhaler on the other.  Hood Horkez have a glass bowl on one end and an inhaler on the other.   Originally $125; now on sale for $99.

One owner remarked, "2015 New York Fashion Week?  On the runways? If you don't have a smokable line, you're out of business."  Big talk indeed.

However the "Comments" from readers pointed out that glass bowls and rubber tubing and such are hand wash items. If you can get through a wearing without setting yourself on fire, that is. 

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