Monday, March 30, 2015

Giving You Lead Time for April Fool's Day

I wrote last year that April Fools Day is common in a lot of cultures for a variety of reasons, but all involve a fool - whether it's one you've created or yourself. 

Curious as to what might be out that's that's amusing, easy to do or benign I went online.   I had forgotten how destructive and downright vicious some 'jokesters" can be.  This might narrow the field down a little, but if it destroys property ( especially someone else's) or costs a lot of money-  don't do it. For example, stapling paper cups to each other, filling each cup with water and leaving it on someone's desk is potentially dangerous - do you really want to buy the company a new computer?  Anything involving air horns is distinctly a very bad idea.

In no particular order ...
Lift the other guy's Smart phone or cell phone and switch English to Chinese or French - Spanish is too risky out here; we all speak baby Spanish anyhow. 

Go around their office before they come in and snap digital photos of their photos of loved ones and then download the camera, print, scan and Photoshop your heart out!  Wife suddenly looks like a giraffe! 

Take all of the paper clips on a cubicle- neighbor's desk and turn them into one very long chain.

Scan their business card, and Photoshop a funny faux title for that person. James Brown, Lord of the Rings.  Judy Smith,  She Who Must Be Obeyed. 

This is so far  out of the past that I nearly blush to add it.  You'll need a needle and a spool of thread in a contrast color to what you're wearing - white blouse? Navy thread.

Secrete the spool on your body - thread the needle and stick it straight though the fabric of your top.  Pull out a long thread, take the needle off of it and  simply wait for the solicitous soul who will dart forward, grasp it and start pulling  while saying "You've got a thread here" and pulling and pulling as the thread spools on.

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