Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What's Happening To My Newspaper?

Signs that all is not well in the offices of your local newspaper ... there are ads for dubious medical services and/or supplies on the bottom of the front page.

You're asked to vote for your favorite comic strips -- to keep them running in the paper.

And then there's today's story, below the fold with a jump to page 7.

"Michael Douglas Revelation
HPV Virus Growing Cause of Throat Cancer
Michael Douglas recent interview wih a British newspaper in which the actor said his particular kind of throat cancer was caused by oral sex will raise much-needed awareness on an increasing public health risk, physicians said Monday."

I didn't need to be made aware of this before I'd even poured my coffee. 

The story details specifics such as percentages of males and females affected plus a mention or two of Gardasil, the vaccine approved in 2006. 

Oh, one other thing...Douglas' spokesperson has tried to clarify that the actor did not tell the newspaper that his throat cancer was caused by oral sex.  The newspaper said, "Oh, yes, he did."  And there the matter apparently rests.

I can hardly wait to get through my day, go to bed and then wake up tomorrow morning. 
"Richie - the Daily Breeze here yet?"

Maybe tomorrow has started:  I finished typing this and went to The Drudge Report to find a headline about late-night comics having fun with Douglas' cancer story.   USAToday.com  This site isn't late night; you're on your own.   I don't want to get into trouble again with a vociferous critic in central Texas. 

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