Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hee Hee, One of My Favorite Things

We're meeting two other couples in Las Vegas Labor Day weekend.  This gives me ample time to Restaurant Explore which is a favorite pasttime - read a guidebook, write down the restaurants that intrigue you and then go online and read the menus.  Yeah, it's all about food!   And you won't even gain an ounce!   You may even get some ideas on foods that you can re-create right in your own kitchen! 

Best of all - all of the above is free!  The following have made the list; time will tell if they made the cut.

Ri Ra Irish Pub, Mandalay Place
Famous for a potato pancake with Irish cream and balsamic vinegar-glazed  appetizer.  They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  One of the couples toured Ireland with us and they just might like to have a traditional Irish breakfast again. 

Olives, Bellagio
Love their fig, prosciutto and gorgonzola pizza (which is certainly do-able at home)  This is a place for a light lunch because they bring out baskets of foccacio with tapenade to spread on the bread and an assortment of olives.  After demolishing all that (because it's very good) you can get by with just a salad. 

Hash House A Go Go, Imperial Palace
The guidebook remarked, "Pancakes the size of pizzas; waffles the size of a checkerboard!"
I want to see them with my own eyes, but as far as eating one, good thing there will be six of us.  We can share!

Lola's, A Louisiana Kitchen,  201 W. Charlston Avenue in the Old Holsum Bakery.
She's from Louisiana - 'nuff said?  They have Crawfish Fridays.  The menu covers po'boys, roast beef debris, BBQ shrimp (the shrimp are never near a barbecue; they're sauteed in butter and a spicy sauce.  Another you can make at home.  Get a bunch of shrimp, clean them and sautee them in butter with splashes of Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco.)

Cantor's Deli, Treasure Island   Corned beef sandwiches nearly 6 in. thick.  One should share, but ...

Seafood Village, the Rio
The theme is The Seven Seas with such as kung pao scallops from China; fajitos - Mexico, plus sushi (you can have mine,) lobster, crawfish (tough last time) and crab and more.  $40 per person. 

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