Monday, June 3, 2013

A Triumph!

This is Dale Cox at the El Segundo Library Book-Author Fair.

Dale is a member of the South Bay Writers Workshop which no doubt contributed to the fact that he sold the most books there!  (Kidding, Dale)

Dale is now 92 and has had a very interesting life as a Navy flier - that's Leiutenant Commander Cox, by the way,.  His flights from Los Angeles to New York and back to Los Angeles are still the record to try to beat.  He and his wife of 60+ years are the parents of four strapping sons. 

His so-far two books have explored a flight that was classified for 60 years - photo reconnaisance of Japan resulting in Doolittle's Raid only a month after Pearl Harbor - and his work as a Navy test pilot, starring Ms. Terry O'Brien, who has to overcome general hostility from the men at Groom Lake, Nevada, before piloting the ultra up-to-date Taurora, a Mach 7 plane. 

Both of these books are good reads ... did I forget to mention that Father's Day is coming up?  Look for Dale at or   As he signs all of his e-mails - "Cheers!"

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