Thursday, June 27, 2013

Take Yesterday - Please!

I should have known it wasn't going to be all that great a day when I walked into the ladies locker room at the gym and the first thing I saw was a really fat lady, head in her locker, bent over trying to pull a pair of thong pants up her extremely big butt.  The second thing I saw (and felt) was the wall as I shut my eyes tight and walked right into it.

Ignoring this horrendous sight as any kind of warning, I went on with my day.  At 1:45 p.m. I pulled out of our garage to go see a woman that I see every Wednesday afternoon at 2 p.m.

Two blocks from the house, Truck began heaving irregularly and then the engine died.  A bright red light flashed "Battery."  I managed to start her again and got all the way down the block to the intersection of Grant and Aviation, just next to the 7-11 store.  And there she gave one last gasp and that was it.

I immediately picked up the cell phone and called Richie.  I knew he was there.  When he didn't pick up after three calls, I knew exactly what was going on.  He was on the computer with his earphones happily bopping away to Elton John and unable to hear a phone that was 18 in. away from his head! 

Beyond furious, I then called AAA and managed to have a civilized conversation with the nice lady during which drivers behind me were tooting their horns because I was blocking the right turn lane.  This did nothing at all to calm me down and several times I bellowed out my window: MY CAR IS DEAD; GO AROUND ME with sufficient volume to be heard in Torrance. 

I knew they proably thought I'd pulled over to take a phone call and was happly chatting away while they waited - and honked. 

I pulled the hood release and popped it, and put it up wondering how long my emergency flashers could last with a dead battery...

The AAA guy showed up, hooked up Truck and instructed me to get in his truck cab.  Towtrucks are tall!  I had to get on the step and then get in the seat.  He very graciously hauled me up the hill and let me out to walk the two blocks home to get Richie and his car.

Halfway up the street, here came Richie.   We drove to our mechanic.  I was somewhat calmer, but not much.  Turns out he'd been out in the backyard, but:   the bedroom window was open and the downstairs phone has a noticeable ring.  He's going back to the audiologist (?) hearing aids guy very soon.  This afternoon if I could get him in. 

Joe Kerby (mechanic) called before we left for the gym and Truck needs a new carburator.  $670. 

And it's now Thursday and I didn't see any thong-wrestling ladies in the locker room this morning.  Maybe today will be a better day... 

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