Sunday, June 23, 2013

This'n That

THE Best Bargain (So Far)
One of my should-be-guilty-but-isn't pleasures is the day-old bakery shelf at Ralph's (supermarket) on Pacific Coast Highway and Pier, Hermosa Beach.

It isn't that I am especially fond of pastries; I'm not.  But:  what I am passionate about is a bargain!  When I can get a generous slice of cake that some fool paid $1.99 for at a price of 69 cents, odds are I'm gonna buy it!  

Think about it - 69 cents is what it cost the bakery to make it; $1.30 is profit!  I thought that was a good deal until Richie bought me this:

Richie Is Getting Slicker Than Calf Slobber on a Doorknob
Night before last, we were eating dinner and watching the Food Channel's program, "Mexico - One Plate At A Time" -- do you sense a theme, perhaps?

The chef made stuffed, bacon-wrapped shrimp and we agreed that it looked good.  Richie said, confidentally, "I'm going to make that tomorrow night."

All he needed were four ingredients - the shrimp (get big ones,) crushed garlic, Swiss cheese and bacon.

Peel and butterfly the shrimp.  Leave the tails on for handles.  "Butter" the shrimp insides with the crushed garlic, put in strips of Swiss cheese and wrap each shrimp with a half-strip of raw bacon.  Close them  shut with skewers you've soaked in water so they won't catch fire while baking at 400.

We started the bacon on a pizza sheet (and let it go a tad too long) but in the end it all worked out.  Crushed garlic from a jar is "sweet" as is the Swiss cheese and the bacon's salt brings it all together. 

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