Saturday, June 15, 2013

Small Bites

New at Tin Roof Bistro, Manhattan Beach mall -- Crispy Shrimp Cake with Napa cabbage slaw, chili vinaigrette and shoes string fries.  $18
 The shrimp cake is underneath the slaw.  Richie ordered the same thing and our plates looked polished after we finished eating.  Amazingly, the shrimp stayed crispy all the way through to the end.

Indian-Spiced Spinach Dip with fresh spinach, cheese, curry on a wood-fired flat bread.  No picture, because didn't order it. 

Time magazine notes there is a new food fad at the Ansel Bakery, New York.  "Cronuts" are croissants fried like a donut (i.e. in deep fat.)  The greedy New Yorkers are going to be dropping like flies since a croissant is already so buttery that you only put jelly or jam on one.  The bakery is sold out by 8 a.m., despite a two-per-person limit, and they're being scalped for as much as $40 each.

Spirit Airlines is now serving canned wine, your choice of a can of white Moscato or strawberry; $7 for either.  Years ago, we bought a can of red wine in Paris which was the equivalent of a bottle of Ripple here.  Somewhere there's a photo of Richie sitting on some steps going down to the Seine in a blue plastic poncho "raincoat," can in hand, leering drunkenly.  A joke photo!

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