Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Where Did I Go Wrong?

Well, perhaps the blame isn't entirely high schools in Kansas City, Mo, (and everywhere else as far as I know) there were mandatory classes.  They began in the 8th grade when all of the boys went to "Shop" and made simple things and all of the girls went to "Home Ec" and learned to cook and sew. 

If there had been any precedent for it back in the mid-50s I could have taken Shop instead.  There wasn't. 

To cut to what I'm really talking about; last week Truck had to go  into the shop because she "Runs rough in the morning; choke not working causing the truck to run to rich.  We fixed choke vacuum and replaced fouled-out spark plugs." 

Spark plugs     $22.76
Vacuum hose   $ 2.25
Carburator cleaner  $7.49
Total supplies:  $32.41

Labor:  $141.72

If only I'd been allowed to take Shop...

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