Friday, January 25, 2013


Quibbling - raising petty or frivolous objections. 

Jeez, Agree On A Name!
A well-known Italian salad is:  slices of fresh tomatoes, slices of mozzarella, garnished with fresh basil and often dressed in olive oil and vinegar or another dressing.

In Italian, I understand that it is called "Caprese."  It was spelled "Caprice" on a menu for an New York-Italian restaurant.  But I think Marie's (recently reviewed) is the most egregrious insulter.  It's simply listed as "Capri." 

This Restaurant Guy Could Be Filled with Mozarella...
Page 145, opening line of the chapter headed Sour Grapes:  No bottle of wine costs more than $5 to make.  He's talking about the grapes themselves but, er, wine does come in bottles?  Many wines do have artist-designed labels? 

He goes on to say that wine is a commodity and that the price is driven by supply and demand; mystique and marketing and ratings.  That I can believe based on all of the cork sniffers I've seen over the years. 

His riff on restaurant smells is interesting.  He said that there's no linen pick-up on Sundays so Saturday's linens sit until Monday.  Despite being tightly closed, they smell. 

The grease trap in every kitchen is the worst smell.  So bad that he hired a guy to come in and dump it and clean the containers for him.  But today, he says that his Del Posto restaurant has a filling station and that he runs two box trucks and his Excursion off of this scrap oil. 

Okay, to do that reason tells me he's frying a helluva lot of stuff in his various kitchens. 

He wrote that he changes the toilet seats on every toilet once a month.  I have no idea what he does with the old ones, but brand-new ones are put in place every month.  (At $20 a seat.)  I'm no clinician but this sounds maybe a little bit over-the-top?  As in obsessive compulsive?  Extreme horror of bodily function off-shoots? 

At least the guy is very definite about his likes and dislikes.  And unafraid to share these opinons with us. 

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