Monday, January 28, 2013

The Head Cold From Hell

Saturday morning I woke up with stuffed sinuses.  I don't know what lives in our sinuses, but whatever it is, it was in full production mode. 

My eyes bulged out and my nose spread halfway across my face such was the volume of inner manufacture.

I blew my nose so often that I figure that I expelled my entire body weight into Kleenexes.  Several times.

Happy news though!  This morning I woke up toasty warm and wet with sweat.   The fever (a terrifying 101) was broken. 

I was so much better that I showered and shampooed this morning.  But I couldn't help thinking about the utter slob-iness of living in a hoodie track suit for 48 hours.  Admittedly it was quite pleasant.  Maybe tomorrow I'll be well enough to wash the track suit -- and put it back on and settle onto the couch!  Not such a bad life...

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