Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Rock and Roll Gossip

"Mick Jagger" by Philip Norman   HarperCollins Publishers   622 pages   $34.99

If you're a Stones' fan, as I am, skip to the last third of the book wherein he meets and then marries Jerry Hall, the tall blonde model.  Frankly I never thought she was that goodlooking, but apparently she is a sweet girl.  She did manage a rapport between Jagger and his first daughter's mother as well as another between Jagger and Bianca and their daughter Jade.  Hall would go on to have four children with Jagger. 

In the end though, she couldn't take any more of Mick's roaring infidelity and reluctantly divorced him.

Meanwhile, the Mick had met and seduced Carla Bruni (yes, former First Lady of France) away from Eric Clapton, who pleaded with Mick not to do it.

Age differences were merely a triviality when the Mickster went courting.  Of note, he got a load of the early Angela Jolie and nothing must do but she appear in his musical video as a woman who comes on to him whom he then chases -- in her underwear, no less -- through the streets of downtown Manhattan.  That Jagger was five years older than Jolie's own father mattered not a whit to him.  (He will be 70 in July, 2013.) 

Side Note:  Jolie married her first husband, a Brit, wearing black rubber pants and a white shirt with the groom's name writ large across it in blood.  Whose blood was left unmentioned.

Yep, it's only rock'n roll, but I like it. 

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