Saturday, July 2, 2011

Two Score & Three Years Ago, Our Forefathers...

Whoops! Wrong event! Today, July 2nd, Richie and I celebrate 27 years of (mostly) marital bliss.

Because we were 43 and 42 when we married, it is unlikely that we'll live to celebrate a 50th anniversary and at 93 and 92, it's unlikely that either one of us would recognize the other!

Marital Trivia:
Dear friends ages when we married:
"Raffish" - nine
Tony - 22
Bob - 59
Pat - 50
Joyce - 66
Dale and Pat - 63

Personally, I've always thought Richie picked 4th of July weekend to get married so that he wouldn't forget an anniversary. Such is the man's sense of sureness that he is positive all the hoop-la is for him!

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