Wednesday, July 20, 2011

French Servingware

The top photo shows the typical go-with-drinks foods the French serve - hardboiled eggs in their own little ceramic "carton," radishes and the butter to put on them; a "saucisson" or dry salame - you cut off a chunk the size you want. A variety of olives is nearly always at hand. The little round dish contains olive oil and white balsamic vinegar to dip chunks of roll or bread. (The French borrowed this idea from the Italians.) The other small dish near the bread contains a crushed garlic clove and olive oil. This is a special ceramic dish with a raised, checkerboard finish to grate the garlic clove before you add the olive oil. The "green peppers" are in a bowl as are the pickled radishes.

As this was meant to be a full meal, I put out sliced ham and a potato salad and a Brie. Dessert was fresh fruit.

Bottom Photo

This is the set-up for making a pastis which is THE summer drink in Provence. Put a finger or so of the liquor in the glass, add ice and water. A guest new to it said, "It's refreshing! It tastes like licorice!" (The clay cylinder is for a white wine - really keeps it cool. ) The pitcher labeled "Pastis" is for the water.

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