Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"Turn A Frown Upside Down!" (Perkily)

Yesterday I wrote of our plan to visit the WW2 ships. Richie clipped the article and I put it in my purse. We were some minutes away from the freeway when I re-read it. Uh, oh - the ships named were assigned a day and time that you can visit them and none of them were on Mondy despite the L.A. Times saying Navy Week starts Monday and continues till Sunday, July 31st.

Richie pulled over to the side of the road and we discussed this turn of events. "The hell with it, we're in the car, let's go!" and down the 405 to the Harbor Freeway we streaked.

On the Harbor, going south, we wondered what was slowing the traffic. It turned out to be an elderly white pick-up truck with a huge sign that read "Joe's Ark" along with various signs and slogans, both religious and patriotic, predominantly "God told me to build an ark" a referral to a crude-looking, wood boat in the back of the truck. Front and back this truck had fluttering flags with a banner mounted across the top of the truck, facing into the wind. This slowed him down as well as everyone behind him - no one wanted to be beaned in the windshield or blinded by a flying banner. He finally got off, I think, on Torrance Boulevard.

We exited onto Harbor Boulevard and started looking. No signs proclaiming Navy Week and no ships. We finally tooled over to the USS Lane Victory which has staff and enquired. Sure enough, it all kicks off on Tuesday.

The parking lot sports a brand-new looking toilet kiosk, so, of course, we stepped in. The interior of the Ladies was polished steel - ceiling, walls and floor. all of the fixtures were automated - wave your hand to activate the toilet flush. Above the basin were three, lit pushbuttons - "Water," "Soap," and "Dryer." "My goodness," was all I could mutter in awe.

Back in the car, I suggested to Richie that we motor on over to Nordstrom Rack and finger some merch'. He was agreeable. He bought a Hawaiian shirt and a pair of woven leather loafters. I got a striped jersey. This business settled, we needed to find a place for lunch.

To Be Continued

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