Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sticker Shock

We are planning to go to Las Vegas over Labor Day weekend. Because we're meeting Red and Barbara, their daughter and her husband and Barbara's sister and her husband, we have to get there - as opposed to the two of us going somewhere on our own.

So I went to a Major American Airline's (MAA) employee site and booked the flights I wanted. They looked good here in mid-July. The system codes the flights: green - looks good; yellow - good chance; red - fuhgeddabout it; black - flight cancelled. It also gives the number of pax (passengers) currently booked on each flight.

But: I have been hornswoggled many times before -- "Oh, it looks great!" and three days before the flight every flight to that destination is a bright red.

So I wrote down what I wanted and gave it to our neighbor who works in MAA's ticketing department.

She called back that afternoon, said I could get the flights I wanted (something of a miracle in itself) and RT would be $191 after various discounts. I was quite pleased and purred in gratitude. Less than $100 each! Then I took off for an appointment.

When I got home, Richie said, "She called back and it's $191 apiece so I wrote out a second check." I was gobsmacked. I read the LA Times "Travel" section and Las Vegas usually costs from $115 to $138 for American, United, Delta.

Las Vegas is a popular holiday destination and Labor Day proves to be no exception. Bah humbug!

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