Friday, July 29, 2011

A Guy Book, An Unusual Salad and Payback That Bounced

"There I Fixed It. No, You Didn't" by a collection of writers and photographers who call themselves Cheezburger Network. Andrews McMeel Publishing $14.95

It's a collection of duct-taped mended and jury-rigged fixed things. Examples: the back wheel and seat of a bicycle attached to the handle of a power mower; a plastic lawn chair ($5 at the supermarket) with the seat mostly cut out and the caption, "There's something to be said for a toilet with armrests."

This book was designed for guys in that it's all pictures with very short captions. I've noted in my long career as an amateur psychologist that men gravitate to picture humor; women to humor in words (anecdotes, puns, stories.)

An Unusual Salad
Yesterday I was a guest of the Redondo Beach Parks and Recreation department's lunch for volunteers at Emerald Gardens, 3201 Artesia, RB 310-214-5455. The first course was a salad: small pieces of iceberg lettuce with a topping of fried won ton strips and a dressing that I believe was a small splash of Chinese Rice Wine vinegar. It was refreshing.

"So, Hah!"
Some time ago, the woman who runs the Veterans Park Senior Center came in and asked the Thurs. Writers who is the group leader. As one, they all pointed at me despite my vehement denials. She left, we went on with our business. Time passed.

Then I received an invitation to the above lunch, addressed to me at home. I assumed all the rest of us would be included, so I accepted.

At the lunch it was only me. The City had invited the group leaders only. Mayor Mike Gin was at my table but on the other side of the table for 10. I had a nice conversation with Steve Diels, the rep for Distric 5 where we live.

So, yesterday, I marched into Thurs. Writers and said, "You all remember when you indicated that I was the leader? Guess what! Yesterday I got to go to a FREE lunch and we had salad, soup, sweet and sour pork with rice and vegetables and a mango tapioca pudding in a little styrofoam cup for dessert! When I arrived, I was handed a carnation; when I left I was given a black lanyard with green rhinestone trim, a little plastic bag with some hard candies and a plastic fan in it and you didn't get any of that, so, hah!"

Those present responded as one: "Better you than me!" So much for leadership envy among writers.

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