Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thank You, Richie! Cried the Book Addicts

At the gym this morning, Richie was pedaling away and watching one of the big screen TVs. When Rachel Ray began talking about "free books" he snapped to attention. She was promoting a site called bookmooch.com which is basically a worldwide book exchange system.

It was John Buckman's idea and design. He does the writing and site administration and handles donations to various charities that promote reading and literature for children.

Here's what happens (from the site itself):
1. List books you want to give away
2. Make requests from others for your books
3. Mail your books and get points
4. Ask for books from others with your points.

Not only is there a comprehensive list of titles, another column lists the number of books available in those titles.

Apparently the only cost to you is postage to ship the books. If you mail them "book rate" that will save you a bit of money, too.

I am not necessarily endorsing this site, but it does seem like a good idea. If for any reason, the deal goes south, please blame Rachel Ray.

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