Monday, January 3, 2011


Among the Christmas gifts my sister gave us was a plastic container of Jess Hall's Seasonblend Seasoned Pepper, No Salt (try saying that fast.) Since there was plenty to eat over the holidays, I didn't get to it until two days ago and damn! I wish I'd opened it first!

It is the invention of a now 90 year old man named Jess Hall, of Weatherford, TX. He makes three or four other seasoning products which you can review at They're not expensive -- $4.93 a jar plus shipping -- and in a pinch you could experiment and probably make your own.

I'd start with one teaspoon each of his listed ingredients:
garlic powder
black pepper
onion powder
cayenne pepper
ground celery see
ground bay leaves
dry sweet basil
rosemary powder
dried parsley
and he adds corn starch.

For my mix I'd probably use Scotch Bonnet peppers 'cause "Too hot! is just about right" as far as I'm concerned. It's great on peas, avocado, potatoes au gratin, a grilled cheese sandwich, used as a rub for a pork loin, dusted across a deviled egg ... I recommend it!

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