Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Dope Dealer Fa-in-Law

A friend recommended a new site, saying she reads it every day. So I dutifully clicked and clacked my way to DelanceyPlace.com

This is a free site that provides an interesting "something" every day. Since the site asked only for my e-mail address (and didn't veer off into "Do you own your own home?" etc.) I gave it to them. They also swore that they would not give out my information.

This morning brought me their post on the fact that Franklin Delano Roosevelt's grandfather (on his mother's side) was one Warren Delano, who made a substantial amount of money selling opium! He started as a 24 year old in Canton and rose (through a trading company) to wealth.

His daughter Sara married James Roosevelt and after his death she became the virtual Mother-in-Law From Hell to Eleanor Roosevelt. She generously bought the young couple a Manhattan townhouse -- and then bought the one next door and cut doors into both so that she could pass freely from her house to theirs!

You can read all about FDR and the dope dealer at delanceyplace.com - without having to join.

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