Wednesday, January 26, 2011

High School Politics on the National Level

Los Angeles Times, 1/26/11, front page, below the fold: 'Date night' matchups - the bipartisan seating arrangements made for better television this time around. pg 21

When I first heard of this bipartisanship seating plan, I snorted and said aloud, "How high school can you get?!" I couldn't believe 1. they were serious and 2. they'd actually do it.

But, of course, today's headline set me nearly foaming at the mouth. "Better Television." So, the State of the Union address is nothing more than a photo opp? Is that what we're reduced to as Americans? Will the ratings for it be compared to those for the Academy Awards? Are politics now nothing more than show biz?

I can only quote the shortest newspaper headline ever: "Jesus Wept."

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