Monday, January 10, 2011

Information and Statistics + UPDATE

"Overall, men, the young and the poor are most likely to be the victims (in a crime.)"

FBI Reports for January through June, 2010
There was a decrease of 6.2% in violent crimes (murder, forcible rape.) Property crimes decreased by 2.8%. Burglary, larceny-theft, robbery were down 10.7%

Which means it's okay to sell your gun. You're not going to need it.

UPDATE Having followed the Arizona event in some depth all day... the shooter was certifiable (but no one did -- amazing, isn't it, how many neighbors, high school friends, acquaintances show up to say how they did/didn't suspect anything wrong with the wrong doer...)

His actions have nothing to do with political rhetoric. He was crazy! The media is slyly trying to manipulate this event to Obama's advantage. (I read that 80% of the American media are registered Democrats.) So they bray Sarah Palin did it! Rush Limbaugh is responsible!

Both parties have erred ( and perhaps some Independents for all I know) in misusing rhetoric/symbols (crosshairs?) but that is hardly enough to prompt an act like this. The man was not in his right mind! End of story.

The pols are all howling because they're afraid the same thing could happen to them! It is nice to see a politician scared of something! It's just too bad it's for their own skin and not concern for their constituents re health care, taxes, etc.

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