Sunday, October 31, 2010

When the Tsunami of Greed Swept Over Me...

We went to Kip's, El Segundo (Previously reviewed as "I Like It") for the Sunday gospel brunch. We knew going in that it would be recorded music and not a live group which was fine with us. Mutable noise is preferable to people screaming with joy/religious fervor.

We were the only people there at 11 a.m. and that was lovely -- sort of like you're the Gotrocks and you call the place and say, "No other guests, please; we'll make it worth your while."

When Kip came to take our drinks order, I asked for a spicy Bloody Mary ... "Alas, it's a minimal bar on Sundays ... champagne? wine? beer?" so we ordered champagne. I assumed it was $5.50 a flute and was dismayed because my favorite champagne for home dirnking is $5/bottle. It turns out to be all the champagne you want while you're eating for $5.50. Richie joined me. I asked for the "hog planks" (thick bacon swathed in brown sugar, chopped hazelnuts and baked crisp as "a kind of appetizer."

We continued to study the menu. When Kip came back with the flutes, I sheepishly pointed to the menu and said, "Uh, and three of the coconut shrimp with sweet and sour ginger sauce?" ($8.50)

Richie ordered the Eggs Creole (eggs over easy on potato cakes with Andouille gravy - $16) and I the Cajun Bubble and squeak. The menu said poached eggs over potato cakes with a shrimp pork hash and chili Benedict sauce ($18.)

Some confusion arose when I saw and tasted it. The "hash" was sausage rounds cooked and sliced. Kip noticed my distress when I tried to switch plates with Richie figuring we'd been given the wrong ones. I asked "Is this andouille sausage?" and he said, 'It's a Portuguese sausage - made out of pork." Richie helpfully told him that I don't like sausage. I quickly added that I had plenty of protein (gesturing at the bacon and shrimp) that Richie does like sausage and I'd just take it home for him.

The bacon was sensational - "plank" is the right word for the long, narrow, very lean pieces of excellent bacon. The ginger sweet and sour sauce had a kick like a mule and was delicious. Richie practically licked his plate clean of the Eggs Creole. The tab came to $64.20 plus a 20% tip.

Now we have four good restaurants, of equal cost (pretty much) and quality. Tin Roof Bistro, Manhattan Beach; Hudson House, Redondo; Charlie's (formerly Cialucci's) and Kip's.

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