Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Guest Editor!

Today we are pleased to share this space with Richie's cousin, Ruth Ellen of Coral Gables, Florida. She wrote in response to yesterday's column on Nathan's Famous. With no further ado --

"I went there almost every Saturday or Sunday (when we weren't in Sayville) during the summer months with my Dad in our Ford station wagon.

A few years ago, I went back to Coney Island and the hot dogs were the same! They also make a great clam chowder and have a clam and oyster bar and other cooked foods to eat. There was also a small corner that sold corn on the cob only -- it was near the alley side of the building. The main store had a tiny room where you could sit and eat as well as a small bathroom. Outdoors there were table and chairs; these were on the side street where the police were there with their horses. (Ed. note: !)

Mostly though people ate at the high tables where you can only stand. There were counter tops and you got your own ketchup and mustard.

The French fries were the best -- they came in a white cone with a two-pronged red plastic fork.

There were so many cooks behind the counters .. you could see the counter people cooking so many hot dogs - it was like a never-ending kitchen! Oh and you ordered each food at a different counter -- corn here; the clam bar there..."

(And I looked up "Ida the fiancee" this morning and yes, she did become his missus.)

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