Monday, October 4, 2010


Pan Work
I recently reviewed a book by a food critic who managed to wangle his way into some top chefs' kitchens to work. A French chef looked him up and down rather coolly and said, "Make me an omelet." The newbie went through 34 (34) eggs before he satisfied the chef.

But in Sunday's Parade magazine, another chef suggested that you take a cold omelet pan and a square or oval piece of sandwich bread and practice your flipping with them.

A First
I had a 9:30 a.m. appointment today with my neurologist (back went out - again) and arrived in timely fashion. Only one other couple was in the waiting room. After a bit, the office door opened and a woman came out to us.

"I'm so-and-so Doctor's office manager, and I am sooooo sorry, but his flight was cancelled and I'm sooo sorry" nearly crying! After she "sorried" us about 32 times, she rebooked us. I see him at 2:45 p.m. tomorrow.

It's An Outrage!
Today's Los Angeles Times front page ( top story was headlined: "California aid drawn out of state" and went on to say that more than $69 million worth of welfare benefit payment cards had been cashed in Las Vegas, Key West, all of the islands in Hawaii and Caribbean cruises!

So I went down to the Imaginary Corner and listed up.
"Booker, mah man -- when you gonna take advantage a welfare and go somewheres?"
"Whatchu talkin' about, man?"
Jesus cuts into the conversation, "Si, es verdad! My wife and me, we jus' got back from Hawaii." An Asian man stops to light a cigarette and nods in agreement, "Velly gleat country, America."

Yes, it is outrageous that money intended for rent and childrens' clothes was spent this way, but ... I kinda have to admire the guts of the people that did it. I've always loved bandits..

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